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Originally Posted by Kirk- NEHJ View Post
Sergei Gonchar's best season in Russia (age 20):

1993-94 Moscow Dynamo Russia 44 4 5 9 36

Sergei Zubov's best season in Russia (age 22):
1991-92 CSKA Moscow Russia 36 4 7 11 6

Yuri Alexandrov's last two seasons in Russia (at same level and age as Gonchar's best year)
2007-08 Cherepovets Severstal Russia 45 5 5 10 30 (age 19)
2008-09 Cherepovets Severstal KHL 26 3 5 8 40 (age 20)
(Plus, I would add that Alexandrov has been a Russian elite league regular since he was he's had four full years at that level. Look at the progression he's made since 17 and 18: 2 points each season)

What was that about points again?

Say what you will- you're certainly entitled to feel those other players were better options. But, you're simply wrong when you say that Alexandrov does "not produce points."

In the context of the system over there, Alexandrov has proven in two years to be similarly productive to two of Russia's most offensive-minded defenders to ever play in the NHL.

So again- I respect your opinion that the other guys may have been preferable, but you're way off-base with your assertion that Alexandrov doesn't produce points. As I said before- this season is even more impressive because he finished with eight points in 26 games while battling a significant shoulder injury suffered during the preseason.

He may or may not ever come over, and he does still need to get stronger, but you're writing off a guy who's not even 21...lot of that going on around here and I just don't get it. Since when did it become mandatory for prospects to make a huge impact within three years of being drafted?
Nice job Kirk, I completely agree. Alexandrov is a real wild card in the Bruins system. If he turns into a good defenseman, it'll be like finding a $20 bill in an old coat pocket, as we've basically all forgotten about him.

I'd love to see him come to Providence next year. Any idea of the chances of that happening?

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