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03-09-2009, 11:48 PM
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Alrighty boys, no longer am I a virgin to the ice. Tonight was well worth the 3 hr roundtrip for nearly an hour on the ice.

Since I have no skates, I had to get some from the house. I am glad I knew I needed something smaller than my regular shoe size as the kiddo behind the desk said I needed a 9. I wear a 9.5. I went ahead and asked for an 8, and I'm glad I did. A bit tight around the toes, and although I didn't have a tool to tighten the strings, I did well enough to keep the boots flopping around my ankles, thankfully.

I go to hit the ice, and was a little tentative. After all, I was used to roller, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't over zealous with my excitement to get out there. As soon as I took my first couple strides, I was ok. I did much better than I thought I would. I just remembered to keep my balance squared away. Thanks to Head Coach on his post as I kept all of that in the back of my mind, and it helped. I never felt my skates get away from me, so that was good. Of course there were a few times that I lost my concentration, turned a little, and down I went. I guess falling 2 or 3 times wasn't too bad

While out there, I pushed and skated as hard as I could. It was nice to get a tap from the instructor after we finished up for him to tell me he was impressed with my hustle and work ethic. It meant a lot for this first timer...

For the bad of my abilities tonight: By habit, I was catching myself trying to stop like in roller hockey Also, my crossovers going left (left foot over right) was horrible. I am not great at this on roller, and worse on ice. It's something I need to work on of course along with my stopping.

Thankfully the negative isn't outweighing the positives from tonight. It was great fun. A few of the guys out there have been playing for a bit, and you could tell they had some experience. A couple others were new, but they pushed and had fun as well. Also, it was co-ed, and a couple gals were there and played well.

Sorry to bore you to tears boys, thanks for reading And thanks to you all for the tips and suggestions

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