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08-30-2004, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by x-bob
OK then......I just wanna know what their value is
These days, there's no way to really quantify the value of players like this. It all comes down to timing and to what takes place on the CBA front.

Right now, their value is probably pretty minimal/zero, because they are both overpaid for the roles they play, and teams would be leery about adding overpaid depth players with the CBA uncertainty.

If a season got underway, it would depend on the standings. Brisebois has the advantage that his contract has a relatively cheap buy-out option and he can be an unrestricted FA next year. So maybe IF the Habs are out of it at the trade deadline, and IF Breezy is having a good season, and IF some other contending team finds itself short of a veteran 2nd-tier d-man with some offensive skill, and IF the market isn't saturated with similar players at the deadline, his value might rise to a 2nd round pick or decent prospect.

At the deadline Rivet might be tougher to trade in that his too-large contract is locked in for another year, but then at the same time, his grittier heart-and-soul style tends to be in more demand by teams gearing up for a playoff run. But the same general series of IFs outlined for Brisebois apply.

So their value now is approximately zero. Their value in an extremely hypothetical deadline-maximum condition subject to a huge string of conditions could rise to 2nd rounder/decentish prospect status (but that's highly unlikely). Or failing some of those conditions, anything in between. Generally speaking, therefore, it's probably not worth it for the Habs to even think of trading them, given the team's current situation on the blueline.

Most likely scenario: We're stuck with Rivet's contract for another year, and we will buy out Brisebois after this season to make him a FA, because his contract would just be too big to fit under a salary cap/luxury tax resolution to the CBA issue and the market will be flooded with better FAs at cheaper salaries by next summer. Trades probably won't come into it.

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