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08-30-2004, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by NYIsles1
You forgot choice #3 which is why the league is where it is.

A few owners choose to think only of themselves.

All 30 owners at this time are speaking thru Bettman and everyone is holding the party line. That does not mean they are all on the same page with this after a new cba comes into play. We are where we are today because of the owners, they created this market and it is messed up. We will find out which owners in this group will not want a 31 million dolllar hardcap at some point and are willing to compromise that to keep their spending advantage to make up for poor hockey management abilities with their franchises.

And your right.
1. Some teams can afford to lose some more money than other teams.
2. Those teams are willing to make the choice and take a larger loss for a chance to win.

Every year it's the same two or three owners every year driving up the market for the other teams. Philadelphia, Detroit and the Rangers claim to lose money operating their franchises or claim to have to make the finals to break even. If there is no cap they will continue to do the same and the player agents know this and are counting on it.
I agree. If you look back at the last baseball strike, the owners basically caved, so that they wouldn't lose any more revenue, and the first thing to happen after the new agreement...Albert Belle gets signed to a ridiculous contract!!! Truth be told, I am not a baseball fan in the least, but I can see the same sort of thing happening in the NHL. They strike, possibly lose the year and the playoffs, then they make some headway, get some sort of deal in place and resume playing the following year, only to have some moron owner say to hell with the greater good of the game, I need to sign this guy and BAM! Back to square one. My point is this, if they are going to strike and lose the year, they had better get a great deal done before they come back. Could you imagine, they strike all season, and then nothing changes? That is too much for this hockey fan to take!

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