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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Sigh... I really didnt want this to turn into another Carcillo vs Upshall thread so Ill make my post quick. You are basing what you hope for him to be off of seeing him play 2 games and his 24 point season. Upshall played with Carter and Hartnell for half a game... hardly enough time to show what he can do. Also Carcillo will never be put with Carter.
Actually Carcillo was out there with Carter and Lupul when he was whacking at the rebound then Lupul Scores. That line looked pretty good for the 40 seconds they were out there. That was in the game against the Preds. Carcillo is a decent player. I think your Upshall love just wont let you believe that.
Upshall showed the first season he came over that given some 1st line duty he can perform (13 points in 18 games). While you see Scottie as a 3rd line guy, I see Carcillo as a 3rd/4th.
Yeah on a pretty scrub team. He can barley be a 2nd line player on this team.. We have too many guys that are more talented in front of him. He has potential to be but he hasn't reached it. But will he ever reach it???

Im glad Carcillo can protect our stars, but what the hell is Cote and Asham doing? Arent they supposed to be protecting our stars?
Yes. But Asham and Carcillo can actually play hockey. I guess you didn't see how good the Carcillo-Giroux-Asham line has looked. Their only jobs isn't just to protect the stars. They have other responsibilities too. Cote is just an enforcer. So that is his only duty.

Other then 2 "no look" passes last game, I dont know where you can say he has a better skill set. Maybe in the future he might, but right now I dont see it. I hope he does well, but just like you dont understand the Upshall love, alot of us dont understand the Carcillo love. Heres to your new Steven Downie (I was never a Downie lover either but oh well, not my choice)
The only thing Upshall had on Carcillo was speed. That is it. Carcillo is more of a physical presence that will get in front of the net and win board battles. You didn't see Scottie do all that. Also i think Carcillo is a better passer than Upshall. I still haven't seen Carcillo's shot so i will say Upshall has a better shot. I hope Scottie can reach his potential on a team that lets him play 20:00 mins game. I think this was best for him because playing on the third line here was not letting him be the player he was projected to be. Upshall is not a 3rd line grinder. While he played the role decently here he can be more than that. He can be featured on the second line if he reaches that potential.

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