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03-10-2009, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by 87vert View Post
That sounds like something more leagues should do.

I need a "free agent" try out since I dont have any friends that play hockey. well come to think of it I dont have any friends.
HNA Calgary does that, not just to place players but also if you want to bring someone new onto your team they get evaluated first to make sure they belong. Unfortunately, during warm up everyone's skating strong and picking top shelf, then once the evaluators show up they start tripping over themselves and missing. So it's a good idea but doesn't always work perfectly

Personally I've seen good and bad ringers as well. I just started playing in Calgary last year (though on a hiatus since I moved back to Vancouver in December) in a beginners division. The problem there is your new team starts to lose a few players you need to find replacements, and its hard to find legit 'beginners' so you always get a handful of ringers. We had one guy on our team that we used as a sub, but he was good about it playing defense and passing the puck.

The worst I've seen, was late last year when my team was a bit experienced and we were playing against one of the new teams. What should've been an easy win turned into a 8-3 loss, with only two players registered on the scoresheet for them. The ringer with 5 goals 3 assists, and his setup man with 3 goals 2 assists, or something like that. It was a real joke, I mean the other team had a full bench, but these two were taking as much ice time as they could handle and trying their hardest to see how many they could score.

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