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03-10-2009, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by timbitca View Post
Oh yes, definetely needs to be more AUS games on TV, you won't get any objections to that from me. Especially now that many teams have arenas that are well suited to bringing the games to TV (UNB, Acadia, X, us after the reno's(at least that's what they're trying to make us believe, SMU (if the rumours about the future are true!) even PEI). There's really only the LBR that would probably be too small to have the games shown on TV, and maybe the DalPlex.

And I must say, I would love to have the Eastlink games broadcast over here. They did our last game at Acadia this year, and that's the video we got of the game afterwards. While cutting the game for Bob, I found myself watching the whole thing including intermissions and everything. Very professional broadcast, I was very impressed.

This isn't taking anything away from Rogers, but it was a lot better quality broadcast than Rogers used to produce back in the day.
trouble with rogers is that they have all this gear but are so hit and miss covering stuff that people aren't willing to commit..eastlink have full-time paid broadcasters because they do football, basketball and hockey on a regular basis...would luv to see the aus take the initiative and get a deal with both rogers and eastlink that would produce a legitimate schedule of games...not 1 or 2 games and that's it...

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