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08-30-2004, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by AG9NK35DT8
sorry to say but i think just the opposite, i think they are higher on blackburn just more nervous about the injury he suffered and if it can be a thing for his whole carreer, i think montoya was an insurance move just to see how things go down the road 2 -3 years from now if blackburn can stay healthy consistantly. and if he does if montoya plays great ahl hockey even gets a shot called up to the nhl and looks good, he will be the one moved, thats imo. he can bring back quality fwd that nyr might not have maybe a topline center or wing or what ever there need at the time is.
But you have to take into consideration that he's missed a year and can only play in the AHL for 6 months at most. He HAS to make the next year whether he's progressed or not. That's not really an ideal situation. It's not like leaving him in the AHL for two years will do the trick, because it's not an option. Essentially he has six months to get back into game shape AND develop as a player. Sorry to say that but is a very tall order for someone who won't have played a game in a year and a half by the time he takes the ice. At 21/22 it's very hard to make up for that much lost time. It's even harder when you'd have to clear waivers.

I agree with levitate in that the injury is what really killed him I think. Make no mistake the Rangers didn't exactly bring him along the best way possible, but the injury was the big one. A prospect in his early 20's just doesnt stand the best odds when he misses that much time. And i dont doubt for one minute that the Rangers know more than they are letting on about this and that is one reason they took Montoya.

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