Thread: News Article: Line Changes: Avery up, Naslund down
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03-11-2009, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
The result is that player gooing into defensive plays high up ice that he have no buisnis gooing into to start with. To win any of thoose defensive plays you need to hack and whack some. Its more desperation then floating if anything.
Wouldn't this be true for every offensive player on this team? If it were, wouldn't it push him more into the middle of the pack in penalties?

Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
although averys penalties were ill timed, hes showing enormous heart and passion. the penalties were bad but again, if its not sean avery, are they even called?
I thought exactly that on the interference call against him late in one game and for the chop on the legs as he fell down to the ice. Avery has zero leeway right now as I'm sure many want to make his life as miserable as possible because of their disdain for him.

Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
as for nazy, he seems to be wearing down. he has no wheels and he may need fewer minutes in this new system.
Often older players are better off with less ice time and more days off, especially towards dog days of the season....Hockey really is like life. In life you start and end in diapers, bald, and having someone else feed you. In Hockey you start and end a career with minimal ice time and fighting to show your worth. There are always exceptions but many go the way of Gary Roberts.

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