Thread: News Article: New rules look to curb fighting
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03-11-2009, 06:51 PM
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I think fighting will reduce itself. No one wants to break a hand or hurt themselves in some other way which causes them to not be able to play. Look at Paul Mara recently. No one wants to split their skull open on the ice because there helmet is off and end their career or worse. Fighting will reduce itself yet not disappear completely. When guys have a tool in their hands that can be used as a weapon which they're often swinging at each other already, you need to know that if you use it to hurt someone that another guy may plant his fist in your face. Many guys aren't so tough when they don't have a weapon to back it up, be it a bat, a knife, a gun, or a hockey stick. IMO the only reason why it hasn't reduced itself already is because there still exists guys like Renney who think they need to dress a pugilist every night to maintain some kind of physical presence, even when the opposition doesn't have one. Fighting is a part of hockey and shouldn't be removed buy to have a one dimensional player who can do nothing else but, isn't necessary for the success of this sport. I will be the first to applaud Orr for dropping Fedoruk but the reality is, the game prior the Rangers should have started taking runs at Phillies top guys in retaliation or someone should have stepped to Fedoruk and put an end to it then. On the other side, to have a guy like Orr giving Crosby facials and bumps at the end of a shift or play is pathetic goon play and isn't good for hockey.

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