Thread: News Article: Gagne Upset at League's GMs
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03-11-2009, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by CannonGoBoom View Post
It doesnt matter if a player has his head down, you cant just go after a players head. I see what your saying but they are talking about the deliberate hits to the head, not when a guy ducks or whatever. They mean when a guy instead of keeping his shoulder level he either jumps or raises his shoulder or even elbow in an attempt to hit a players head to cause more damage. I dont think hits to the head have anythign to do with a faster game. It could be self enforced somewhat if the instigator rule was removed but at the same time, until the ref start handing out majors and the league hits them with suspensions players are going to continue to hit high and often because...well, why not? For a lot of these guys its their job to go out and intimidate and cause trouble, and they wont stop until its enforced.
Agree 100% with your last point. Short of removing the instigator, what more can you do? They have charging, elbowing and leaving your feet penalties. The speed of the game doesn't create more hitting, but rather amplifies the damage of a hit. Ok this hurts, but do you really think that Stevens should have let up on Lindros? Remove instigator, make players accountable (head up, not turning to a hit then bending over) and consistant reffin that ought to do it.

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