Thread: News Article: Gagne Upset at League's GMs
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03-11-2009, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by CannonGoBoom View Post
Yup, honestly I think they should take out the instigator rule and put another rule in place to crack down on the "fighting just to fight" situations. When both teams throw out their 4th lines and both players mutually drop the gloves to go at it instantly after the puck is dropped, thats what gives hockey a bad name IMO. Its not when guys get hacked or hit high and turn around and go after a guy to fight, or stick up for teammates, to me it becomes ridiculous when 2 guys arent even mad at each other and just go at it for the sake of goign at it. I think they should give out game misconducts to players who drop the gloves right off a faceoff or players who for no reason at all skate up to each other and fight. It would be easy to do, the league can watch the tape of the game and if they dont see anything that would initiate two players to fight throughout a game and then they just fight for the fun of fighting, thats when they should be hit with a misconduct. Sticking up for your teammates is one thing but fighting off a draw is a sideshow and to the average fan it just looks like violence for no reason.
I never really understood the point, or frankly the appeal, of those kind of fights.

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