Thread: News Article: Line Changes: Avery up, Naslund down
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03-11-2009, 11:20 PM
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Also Don't want to knock your statement but no one in there right mind is selected an captain of the Team let alone A CANADIAN based VANCOVER NHL TEAM if you don't have the leadership qualities as well as some cahonas to carry out the role. I just don't see your point or your argument.

Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Eh what?

That wasn't exactly what I wrote fly.

Many shifts the only way for that line to create any offense have been to strip D's of the puck. Most of the time, they aren't in a position to strip the D of the puck. Näslund isn't exactly a speedster anymore. The results are that inorder to get involved at all fly, Näslund have to whack and hack some. I don't know where you got 90 pts from, Näslund is on pace to score like 25 goals and 50 pts.

I am not saying that its well advised, we saw the same tendancys from JJ last season. But I think its ridiculos to say that he is taking penaltys because he is "floating", its more frustration that comes form trying to score at a pace that he isn't able to do anymore.

And I also don't get the talk about that he should be held accountable because he is floating, you say that he can't do it anymore because he isn't a 90 pts player anymore. Well, if this was all he could bring in his prime when he was scoring 90 pts -- what exactly did anyone think he would bring when he is 36 y/o?

If I want more from this team I would look at someone like Brandon Dubinsky. He is outworked every night by Ryan Callahan. Ryan Callahan is more physicaly then him every single night basically. Brandon Dubinsky have been voted "Biggest pest" in the WHL twice. In the AHL, Brandon Dubinsky was always more feisty and physical then Ryan Callahan. This season in the NHL though, Dubinsky is playing like he is as talented as a young Mike Modano. Thats a player IMO that should be expected to work harder and be more feisty. Not a 36 y/o slow scoring winger who never in his career have been more physical then he is now. And who in his prime, had to have someone like Bert do the dirty work for him. Even in his prime, without someone like Bert I think its doubtful that Näslund would have scored 70 pts. He did it darn well in the right enivorment, but he have never been that mega talented player who could do it by himself.

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