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Originally Posted by RH63 View Post

And that's one of the issues I have with TM in that he wants immediate retributions for clean hits on some of our prized players. I understand the concerns with protecting a player but unless it's a dirty hit, the teams should respect the hit and play on. There shouldn't be fights because of a clean hit. Why even allow hitting in the first place?

I wonder how some of us would feel if Brownie laid a clean hit on someone causing a concussion and having their enforcer retaliate ending Brownie's career.

Where does this macho stupidity end?
Any time you see you're teammate lying on the ice you assume it wasn't a "clean" hit. You assume that there was some reason why your teammate wasn't able to protect himself from the hit. These are split second decisions. Remember when doughty got knee'd? O'Donnell didn't even see it but went over and got in the guys face and threw a cross check because he heard Doughty get hit and assumed that there was something wrong with it. Didn't Lappy say "I didn't see it but heard it and he's known for those kind of things" when Zeiler boarded Foote? Every player has a bias to protect their teammates. It doesn't matter if it looks clean to us, on the ice, the players see it differently or sometimes don't even have the benefit of seeing the hit. They see their teammate on the ice and the guy skating away from him.

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