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03-12-2009, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by DevsFan84 View Post
Not foolish at all...

I'll say first off I've never had a goalie coach and I started as an adult. I've always had decent reflexes, but there is something I do to improve my glove hands...and its easy to do anywhere and free. And I think it has worked.

I take a handball, or tennis ball, or whatever I have handy that bounces...throw it off the ground and against the wall and catch it. Then I throw with the other hand, repeat. (I realize you aren't going to catch a puck with your blocker, but getting your hand in the right position is the point) I make sure to follow the ball with my eyes going into my hand, which is what you should do with a puck. I do this at work all day.

I'm sure there are more sophisticated drills out there, but thats what I do. Good luck.
thanks a lot.
actually i read somewhere earlier thats what marty brodeur does.
and he problably has the best glove ever

thanks again

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