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03-12-2009, 11:43 AM
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In high school I played in two divisions cause our school needed more players for a lower division then the one I was supposed to be at. I guess I would be considered a ringer there. Anyway, since not many signed up, we had people who couldnt skate and stuff like that. But I took pride in trying to help those guys as much as I could. I even requested to be on some of their lines. I also made sure that I wasnt doing all the dekes, and just hitting them for an easy tap in. I told them that I remember when I first began, I would never get the puck except for a lyaup and it only ruined my confidence so I let them break the puck out and stuff. I told them to find ME for the layup lol. It was great as the season progressed, seeing them improve.

When I am "the ringer" and I score, the last thing I want to do is celebrate. Hell when im playing on my own skill level I dont celebrate lol. Apathy says more IMO.

Anyway, I find playing against tougher competition better. We have local guys who play(ed) for jr teams up in Canada and what not who come down for the pickups and its always more rewarding trying to up my game to theirs. Or hearing them cursing themselves as I deke by em. Its all fun.

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