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03-12-2009, 12:53 PM
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Know your angles!

If the puck was a the blue line, I'm at the top of the crease. Less extra space around me. Ya know, the closer the 'thing' is, the bigger it seems. I'm closer to the shooter by a few feet, and I seem bigger. Bigger goalie, less net to shot at.

Also, my glove hand is lower, close to my waist. I kept my glove hand up, about 3/4 of the way up, ya know, my pointer finger not straight up. If the shot was low, I did a open the door knob type of motion as opposed to lowering my hand.
If the shot was high, I picked my hand up, a little at the shoulder, a little at the elbow.

If the shooter is at the blue line, glove near my waist. I have that extra split second to raise it if it is a high shot.

Hash marks, glove is just below the logo on my jersey.

Even closer? The highest part of my glove will be just at shoulder height. It is easier to snap it down with the open the door knob motion than to raise the glove.

This is all knowing your angles and how to play them.

Same with the blocker. Just a little higher on the stick with the blocker hand, maybe tilt the stick so the full blade isn't on the ice to get the blocker up an extra inch or two...

Same with the shoulders. The closer the shooter, the more I straightened by back out. Still in the 'goalie crouch' but just a little straighter...

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