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08-31-2004, 09:32 AM
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I'm not an administrator or owner of this site, but knowing them in the limited capacity that I do, I can certainly attest to the fact that this must not have been a concern of 'a few grumpy posters', or anything remotely resembling that for such a change to be brought on.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems like the responses to what I have said have read my post without reading it. This decision has been designed to make HF better. It was brought about by what the owners felt was a concern of the majority and not simply the sentiments of one, or a few, boards, who were negatively impacted by this change.

The undeniable fact of the matter is this change helps bring more credibility to HF in the eyes of the hockey world. HF is currently attempting to get some of its writers accredited with various organizations, including NHL teams, and that the website is able to boast that it is NOT just a group of kids writing, and is actually a site which has a good reputation, and is inhabited by 1/3 to 1/2 writers which actually have journalism experience, is a major advantage for HF.

The best was to provide the best information to readers is certianly through having closer ties to the people and organizations which we cover, correct? Who better to hear opinions and views from than professional scouts and players themselves? That is what HF is striving towards. HF is moving in a direction that the majority of readers indicate they want. Research articles and such are great, but can't compare with interviews with players, scouts, access to training camps and other events, etc.

I strongly disagree with the claim that the quality of HF has decreased. The articles being posted on the main page are more thoroughly researched and go into deeper depth than any other time period in the three odd years I've been reading the site. HF is moving in a direction that, as something that more or less began as a fan-site, is amazing. HF is being recognized more and more by the hockey world, and this is vitally imnportant to the quality of work we are able to produce. I am very excited about this direction, and the opportunities HF is going to have in the future.

As for having to release a writer before a new one was in place...unfortunately if HF had permitted him to stay on board, newer writers would have complained that this other writer was permitted despite the rules, why not them? Consistency is the single most important thing in journalism. Everything must be standard across the board. This reportedly good writer was an unfortunate casualty of a process which is making HF better. How? The quality of the articles is vastly superior to past years and the access to prominent figures is increasing. These are the two necessary tenets to bring HF to the next level in its evolution.

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