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08-31-2004, 10:32 AM
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"Poti's performance last yeat makes you question as to wether or not he can hit 50 pts on an average year. He got outscored and out-assisted by Jan friggin' Hlavac. And, no, he cannot play well defensively 40-50% of the time. If he could cover up for half of his mistakes, he would not be such a pariah amongst Ranger fans. And when you make as many mistakes as he does and are such a poor defensive player, you had better put up more than 30 pts.
You would be hard-pressed to come up with worse defensemen in any team, that are considered starters.
Also, Ozo looked like Paul Coffey compared to Poti. Ozo averaged .44 pts/per game, whereas Poti averaged .35pts/per game.
Not ANYONE could get traded. If that was true, Jagr would not be a Ranger right now."

Everything you just wrote is ridiculous. Poti easily played well 40 to 50% of the time. He gets blamed for everything by fans like you but Lundmark is still a gem right?

I also don't put much into Ranger fans hockey knowledge. While better then the Devil fan it still is laughable. They thought we should have kept Graves when I said dump him 2 years before we did and got nothing for him. They said keep Leetch and if we traded him 2 years ago when I wanted to we would have gotten a lot more. These are the so called smart Ranger fans.

Your Ozolinish point average stat is useless. He played on a Colorado which raised his point per average a ton. I think he had 2 good offensive years on teams other then Colorado. He also plays ZERO defense. Poti might struggle but Ozolinish stands behind the other teams net. He is a joke. He doesn't even think defense.

The reason most clueless Ranger fans blame Poti for everything is because they really don't understand the game that well. Poti makes OBVIOUS mistakes. Those are the types of mistakes that get fans on your case. He played plenty of good defensive games last year. However, when he makes mistakes they are so obvious that even your basic idiot Ranger fan can see it.

On the other hand a defenseman like Mironov makes lots of little mistakes. He made a ton last year and nobody said jack. That's because they weren't obvious

Maybe instead of ripping every single post True you should think a little more before you speak so strongly.

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