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08-31-2004, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by melisa
Everything you just wrote is ridiculous. Poti easily played well 40 to 50% of the time. He gets blamed for everything by fans like you but Lundmark is still a gem right?

I also don't put much into Ranger fans hockey knowledge.

Your Ozolinish point average stat is useless. He played on a Colorado which raised his point per average a ton. He doesn't even think defense.

The reason most clueless Ranger fans blame Poti for everything is because they really don't understand the game that well. Poti makes OBVIOUS mistakes. Those are the types of mistakes that get fans on your case. He played plenty of good defensive games last year. However, when he makes mistakes they are so obvious that even your basic idiot Ranger fan can see it.

On the other hand a defenseman like Mironov makes lots of little mistakes. He made a ton last year and nobody said jack. That's because they weren't obvious

Maybe instead of ripping every single post True you should think a little more before you speak so strongly.
I can't believe I am allowing myself to get sucked into this.
Melisa, why not just call yourself who you really are? At this point it is rather obvious. Anyway, onto this useless debate:
1. Poti did not play well last year. Lundmark has nothing to do with it. Lundmark does not think that he should be held to a different level of defensive responsibility becuase he is an "offensive" guy. Poti was easily the worst defenseman in the league last year. Teams would change their entire strategy when he was on the ice. When Poti stepped a toe onto the ice, all of the play seemed to have shifted to his side of the ice. Why do you think that is?

2. You don't put much into Rangers fans hockey knowledge, huh? Ever hear of the pot and kettle debate? Since we are all idiots and you are the lone smart one out of the bunch (must be great to know everything at the ripe old age of 14), perhaps you can still explain how it is that Brett Hull is washed up. I am still waiting on an explanation of that. While you are at it, I am still waiting to find out how Purinton cost the Rangers Kloucek.

3. On Ozo...I was not talking about his time with Colarado. I was talking about last year. So your argument losses it's steam right there. And while we are on the topic, let me get this straight. He stands behind the net, while Poti clears the crease? Allow me to remind you that it was Poti who could do nothing but watch as Justin Williams kept whacking at the loose puck in the crease. It was Poti who could do no more than glare at Brian Gionta (nice size difference) as Gionta was on his stomach whacking both Dunham and the puck.

4. Please point out Poti's good defensive games. Since they are so plentifull, I am sure that you will have no problem noting them. He only makes OBVIOUS mistakes, huh? How OBVIOUS was the Atlanta game in which he had 2 assists for the Rangers and 3 for the Trashers?

5. On Mironov....had you not been banned in your previous incarnation, you would have known that Mironov was ripped pretty much on a daily basis here. But, what do we know? We were only here doing it. Your far-reaching powers much have allowed you to know that "nobody said jack". Obviously, since Mironov's mistakes were not "obvious". Hey Melnyk, how about all of those not-so-obvious mistakes?

6. Lastly, on myself, I am not ripping your posts. I am trying to have an open discussion. However, it is rather diffucult when you make statements and then refuse to provide any type of backup. When one engages you in a debate, you just slink away.

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