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08-31-2004, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
yes, there is a big difference, but Ruzicka and his agent will have ZERO interest in signing an AHL contract. Clarkie is definitely going to offer a two-way contract, or at least attempt... not sure Ruzicka is in a position to demand a one-way contract, but he isn't going to offer him that until he knows what the rookie contracts are going to look in the new CBA world.
Clarke will not offer him a two way contract. There is no way Ruzicka is ready for the NHL.

I'm VERY aware of the differences between the two teams, and the existence of AHL, two-way, and one-way NHL contracts in the big scheme of the world. In the current environment the only contract that Clarkie is going to offer to Ruzicka is an AHL contract, that he wouldn't be interested in. Persumably when the CBA is put in place all of these prospects that the Flyers feel are ready for the next step, specifically Carter, Richards, and Ruzicka are going to be offered contracts.
But if there's a lockout, Ruzicka has said he doesn't want to play in the AHL, and he's not ready for the NHL, I don't see where else he can play but OS.
In the event that the CBA is the same with these players Richards and Carter can only play at the NHL so it is a moot point. However, Ruzicka CAN play for the AHL so if he were to sign with the Flyers he would have a shot at making the team(especially in the wake of Leclair and Amonte being gone), and if not could play for the Phantoms.
Like I said, Rosy has no shot of making the Flyers.

In any event, him showing up in Owen Sound for training camp when he isn't signed by the Flyers yet(because they aren't going to sign any of these kids before the CBA is finalized) is absolutely meaningless to the issue of where Ruzicka is going to be playing next year. If the CBA is finalized tomorrow, I'm pretty convinced Clarke is going to look to get all three under contract, in which case Ruzicka WOULD be playing for the phantoms most likely if he was not to make the Flyers, because I'm sure the Flyers would rather he be playing at that level.
You're sure the Flyers would rather have him playing at that level. Really? Because I'm pretty sure he was brought over from Europe to play with Mike Stothers.

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