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Originally Posted by NYRangerfn09 View Post
I just had a pick up game last night where some of the people on the other team were 'refs' in some other league somewhere. One of them was complaining to me about a hooking penalty but I do not believe it was hooking. I was hoping someone else that knew the rule book could help me out.

Basically we were going into the corner I came under his stick and lifted but he got it back down so I hooked his stick right at the blade with my blade for a few seconds. I know I said hooked but it was just the bottom of his stick. My stick was not parallel to the ice, and not anywhere on his body. I was not even really behind him. Thanks for any help.
I got into an argument about this the other day and spent a half hour scanning the newest USA Hockey Rulebook. It contains nothing about any penalty for a stick being parallel to the ice, nothing even close is listed. I just checked the NHL rulebook too, and NO SUCH PENALTY EXISTS. It's an URBAN LEGEND!

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