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03-13-2009, 02:59 AM
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Knee injury, help please

I was just going to see if anyone here could tell me a little about this or anyone has had a similar injury. I have torn my meniscus and done cartilage damage in my other knee and this does not feel the same. Well, at Monday's skate I was down on my right knee and somehow a shot found its way through and hit the inside of my right knee, it seems like the puck hit the left side of the knee cap and the bone. It was the most instant pain I had ever felt, I would compare it to a very, very intense blow to the funny bone. I hobbled up and skated to the bench, at first I couldn't put much weight on it but after a few minutes it was just sore and I finished practice. Obviously, there is a large and dark bruise and there was some pretty significant swelling in the area the puck made impact. Tuesday, I felt like I had a weak knee and it ached as expected. Wednesday, my knee felt less stable and I could feel and hear cracking noises when flexed, along with the ache. Thursday, it felt more stable but not 100 percent and now there is a dull pop when I extend and retract my leg. I don't fully trust my knee right now but it hasn't given out. It is still sore and it is still swollen, but less and less everyday. I can feel a pop with my finger on the lower, right section of the knee. I have been keeping up with icing it about 15 minutes every hour, keep it elevated when resting, and trying to stay off it as much as possible (I haven't skated since). I'm not comfortable skating on it, I am also a bowler and I've bowled Tuesday and Thursday, it has not affected that.

Sorry my description is long, I am hoping any of you nice guys could share any knowledge or experienced something similar. Mainly, should I wait and see what happens until the bruising is gone and the pain goes away, or should I see somebody soon?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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