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03-13-2009, 03:20 AM
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I know what you mean, gone/going through the same trying to turn to the right. My right ankle doesn't feel as strong, like it doesn't know how to support me on the outside edge.

Best piece of advice is find some ice time before/after a game, public skate, stick n puck. Just keep trying to follow orbit around one of the face off circles turning to your bad side till you're dizzy. Improvement comes down to repetition, doing it over n over n over.

Try to bend your knees more. It lowers you center of gravity, so your balance is better. And the lower your butt is to the ice, the longer your stride, the more power each stride (keep your head up though).

Stick pointed in the direction your are turning or towards the center of the face off circle. Look in the direction you're turning with your head up. Lean into the turn.

Focus on trying to keep your weak ankle strong as you crossover it. Eventually the muscles will remember what todo and it will be automatic.

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