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03-13-2009, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by t3hg00se View Post
Sting, Gomez played a strong puck possession game tonight, made some quality scoring chances, was skating phenomenally out there, showed off some great stick handling, wasn't lazy, and had a 3 point game contributing with 5 different players. I'm not saying Gomez won us the game tonight, but if he was benched instead of Zherdev the games turnout would have been completely different.
Thank you for throwing out a collection of Pierre McGuire-esque comments, you forgot to add "active stick" to the list, but these generic comments don't change the fact that when the plays were made that produced that line's most effective shifts, Avery and Callahan were in the middle of them. They were the one's making the defensive plays, they were the ones battling in the corners and behind the net. To Gomez's credit, he played his part in the cycle on that line, but there was hardly an instance where he created anything for that line.

Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
I'm shocked you can possibly say that virtually everything done today on the Gomez line was by Avery and Cally.


Do you even watch hockey?

Gomez was fantastic tonight. He looked like a #1 center (and has since Torts took over).

And please. When Redden is on, he IS a force. He had yet another solid game today and was inches away from scoring another goal. He's got a real, real good low, hard shot that is almost always |--| this close from either going in on it's own or being tipped in.

Both of them looked very good tonight.

Give them credit when they deserve it. It's a shame that you can't look past their paychecks and constantly rag on them or short them credit for no real reason.
I guess because it's been a long time since this team has had either a true #1 center or a true dominant defenseman that you can say something like this.

If I was a video editing wizard, I'd gladly cut up the video and present you with each of the line's shifts, where it's clear who is making the key plays. I'm not, so you'll have to settle for watching a replay. And this is no different than it was for most of the season, mind you. Don't forget Callahan played with Gomez a lot this year, and this was always the case. It was Callahan that made the big plays, rarely Gomez or Naslund.

Again, when you spend all your time playing with the two most talented players (Zherdev, Naslund) and the two guys that work the hardest and create the most opportunities and chances (Callahan and Avery), you're bound to get points.

I'm not saying he was terrible, or that he isn't playing somewhat better than he did the last few months. I'll give him that. But his shot selection is still awful, in general, he's still giving the puck away at very inopportune times a couple of times a game.

Originally Posted by ImmortalRanger View Post
Just like the username,stingee ,its never enough.
I don't know what this means? Is this some kind of dig at the singer or something? IDK, my name has nothing to do with Sting and/or the Police. Or the wrestler for that matter.

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