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03-13-2009, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post
try Jofa shin pads the JDP actually work well moving the pressure away from the joint. I have 3K pro returns and very sensitive knees, not a prob so far. Knock wood!
3k? You want the 9k for protection. 3k is a low end guard, pros only use those if they're looking for something less bulky and protective but more mobile.

RBK owns Jofa now, their protective gear is that same Jofa line.
This is pretty much the most common shin in the NHL:

Lower end stuff isn't bad though. Modern lower end stuff is infinitely better then the top end stuff a decade ago. I personally use what's basically this: (use a Synergy 300, but they rebranded their lines and such, that's basically the same thing).

It might help telling you where to go if you told us what shins you're using now. Typical is a meaningless word when talking about equipment, there is no typical.

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