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Originally Posted by TH3 RIDDL3R View Post

I'm able to do the left cross overs properly at fairly decent speed however I cannot do the crossovers when going closewise. It seems I dont shift my body weight properly to my rightside when doing the crossovers. Can you guys please give me some pointers to improve my cross overs. thanks in advance..

Let me ask you this question...Do you shoot left?

Here you go....
First thing you want to do is try learning crossing over in a progression.

1. So the first step is to go and face the boards. Just place your hands on the boards so that your arms are at full length.

2. Then I want you to make sure that when you do a cross over in either direction, you make sure that your skates are always pointing towards the boards. Which means they need to be perpendicular to the boards, not parallel to the boards.

3. When you start to bring up that skate to cross over, the foot that is on the ice is the balance skate.

4. Now in order for you to land the skate that is off the ice, you must allow the balance skate to "roll over" on it side by more then 45 degrees. If you do not allow this skate to roll over, you will not be able to land the skate that you are picking up and you will feel like you are going to fall.

5. Once you have that balance skate rolling over by more then 45 degrees, then I want you to move away from the boards by two feet and continue the drill.

6. Once you have this down, I want you to do the same drill down the blue line. All you are is crossing over, skate over skate, down the blue ice. Make sure that your skates don't turn as you walk the line.

7. Once you are walking the line with ease, then I want you to move over to the face off circle.

8. This is a little different, the first part of this progression is to place the right skate on the circle, in which will be skating in a clockwise direction. This right skate is know as the inside skate because it's closest to the inside circle. The other one is know as the outside skate because it's the furthest away from ths cirlce.

9. Now, with the right skate as the balance skate, you are going to place all of your weight on this leg.

10. Then you are going to place the left skate in a "V" configuration so that the toes is out and the heel is touching the right skate heel.

11. Then, you are going to make a "C" cut with the left skate. Now, when you make this "C" cut, you want the weight to be on the heel of the left skate when you push. Try to imagine a slip of paper under the front end of your blade. This is the height distance you want your toe up in order for you to transfer the weight

12. Right at the apogee of the "C", I want you to shift the weight to the middle of the blade and allow the front of your blade to turn back to finish the "C" cut.

13. Once it's back, you start all over again until you are able to have power with this driving "C" cut. The whole purpose of this "C" cut is to teach you how to use the inside edge and have driving force on the outside skate.

14. Now, the next part of this progression is to bring this out side leg up and over the inside leg.

15. Now in order for this to work, you must learn the inside skate over more then 45 degrees towards the center of the circle.

16. At first, you will want to keep this from happening and you will not want to lean this skate over. As of this result, you will not land the outside skate. So lean the inside skate over. If you feel it slipping, get your skates sharpened.

17. Trust that inside outter egde to hold you up as you lean into the circle.

18. At first, try one cross over, then try two in a row, then try three in a row and so on...

19. Now, as you cross over and you lean that inside skate in towards the center circle, allow that balance leg to maintain the weight on that balance leg as mush as possible.

20. Player have a tendency to turn that inside skate out and try to skate on it's inside egde because they are afraid of falling and they don't trust that outside edge that is leaning over. The whole key to a sucessful cross over is allowing the inside skate to roll over.

21. Don't pull back this balance leg until all of the weight is shifted over to the crossover leg and the skate has landed.

22. Players have a tendency to kick out, or walking on the inside skate before the transfer of weight is made. This will cause you to have "Blow-out" power in the inside skate stride. So hold that balance until the cross over skate lands.

Hope this helps.
Head coach

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