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03-13-2009, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by orange and black48 View Post
I get so much hassle for no meat on Fridays.
Yeah, my mom got upset with me since I was eating meat last Friday. She told me, "Your so lucky, when I was little we couldn't have meat ANY Friday!" I responded with, "Well, the meat thing is a stupid tradition that's not even in the bible. It was started by man, so to make it mandatory is ridiculous, and I am rebeling against a religious tradition that God never started by eating meat."

I have NOT told her that I don't believe in God. It would kill her. I did the Catholic school thing since I was little, and went to a Jesuit University, and the answers to my questions on faith never got answered.

Then I learned about Science.

It comes a point when "God's will" and "test of faith" just doesn't cut it anymore. For me at least.

However, for those of you who do believe, I completely respect your decision. Please don't disrespect mine. Thank you.

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