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03-13-2009, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Charlie_Girl View Post
Sorry about the name change - you guys really screw me up!

I have a million questions about the schools in Uganda -- what do you do? How often do you go? I think it's amazing, and must come with a huge sense of pride and appreciation for what we have (and take for granted).
It's really a great thing and I enjoy every minute of it! I started about 8 years ago and have made 3 trips down, trying to go every 2 years for a week or 2... it's mostly a support system, I provide alot of financial and material aid (i.e. pay for building of some of the dorms, deliver text books that local schools in PA no longer use that they could use down there etc etc). There are two schools, one is an elementary school located in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) with 3 small nursery schools within a mile that are connected to it. The other is a high school in Masaka, about 2 hours from Kampala, which is the home of one of the largest dorm rooms in all of Uganda. This trip I went down to see a ceremony. Each year, Uganda has a common test (like the SAT) and the top 2000 students go to government university completely free (but they are forced to study a specific major at a specific school as chosen by the government) and 23 kids from the high school in Masaka were on the list. This was the most of all schools in the country. It gives me tremendous pride to say that some of the things I've done to help has brought these kids and this school such prestige and such an amazing future considering the area where most kids don't even move past elementary school let alone get into university.

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