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08-31-2004, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish
As a publisher of my own Rangers website, I can sympathise, but as a member of the HF Rangers community I can also see where the majority of posters are coming from....and it's as simple as this: The product and content you provide is less than it once was.

The posters here became used to a particular standard and level of participation from the writers and it is no longer there. I know how difficult it can be to find writers who are willing to stick around, particularly when there is no surety of a season and seven years of Ranger fumbles that have winnowed the faithful down, but to "consumers" of your website, there's no excuse...I had this once, I don't have it anymore...maybe I'll go somewhere else, or perhaps just stop participating altogether.

I think there is as you say a loss associated with losing a well liked writer and contributor and although you've explained the reason (and it is a valid one) the lack of a suitable target gives the "population" reason to complain. Until you have replaced or superseded that level I think you'll continue to here criticism and complaints.
I agree 100% w/Fish in that this place is nowhere near what it was 2 yrs ago.The whole site has changed and none of it has been for the better and while I truely respect the work the peopl here do at HF the fact of the matter is that it has gotten to the point where many, many quality posters especially from the NYR board have either started posted elsewhere entirely or at least on a partial basis looking for what this place once offered us.

The writing on the NYR board has w/o a doubt suffered but I never came here as much for the writing as much as I did for the great posters but that even more so has taken a dramatic downturn and it's gotten to the point where this was once by far the best NYR forum that has now been surpassed in terms of great postings by other sites.

Don't know what can be done to get our ship back in order but it is disappointing to say the least because this used to be a "one stop shopping" site when it came to getting all the relevant hockey news you needed but the content has slipped.

Again, not meant to bash anybody associated with this site b/c I'm very grateful to have it provided to us but just hoping we can get things to where they once were.

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