Thread: Great Britain: A beginner's guide to British Hockey
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03-14-2009, 02:56 PM
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Hmm, interesting. I'm by no means a pro but by the sounds of it I could play collegiate hockey fairly easily. I wouldn't want to stop playing when I go over. So it sounds like the CHLers who can't get signed to AHL or ECHL contracts go to the EIHL. That's kind of sad to me, but I would still rather play hockey than watch some great live hockey so it's not too disheartening. Thanks for the information Iceraider.
Do you know much about college hockey? I'm looking specifically at the Liverpool Hope University club. If the high end talent in the EIHL is chl/echl players and there are three of four steps inbetween that and collegiate, I would assume that the college level would be fairly easily attainable for me. I know you can't comment because you don't know my level but have you ever seen any of the college clubs play?

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