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Originally Posted by EmptyNetter View Post
Just wanted to add one thing to your post, HC. In crossing over right and getting your skate to a 45-degree lean a skater needs to lean his entire body toward the center of the circle. Lower body has more of a lean, upper body less so in order to keep from tipping over.
Well, 45 degree is more of an exaggeration, then anything else. However, in order to teach players how to land the cross over skate, they must learn to lean this balance skate over in order to allow the weight transfer to be accomplished.

Once a player can understand and get the full effect on balance and weight transfer, then they could be taught how to lean into the circle.

The whole purpose of leaning into the circle is to compensate for centrifugal force. As one tries to make a turn, the weight is more toward the chest which gives the player a high center of gravity, forcing him outward during the turn.

By leaning into the circle, it lower the higher center of gravity towards the circle and it keep you from blowing out. The more speed you do, the more learn you must make in order to maintain the angle of approach towards the epogee. Once you have reached this point, it's just a matter of weight transfer again towards the upright position, in order for the player to start his straight on attack.

However, again, the whole idea of this 45 degree angle of the blade is to teach confidence on landing that cross over skate.

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