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03-15-2009, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by raganblink View Post
FYI, ^ is a temp. fix. You are going to fly through blades if you put a blade where you broke it instead of flipping it an putting a standard blade in the butt end.

Since the stick is tapered down, when you stick the blade in, at the top of the blade it is not going to be touching the sides of shaft, and it will be signficiantly weaker, and your going to break that thing on your first slapper.

Just get a standard blade and put it in the butt end. Dont waste your time and money putting a tapered blade on the bottom.
No you won't, and never flip it.

What on earth are you talking about? You can buy tapered blades that fit perfectly into a tapered shaft, and you get much better performance. If you flip it and stick a standard blade in, you loose anything and everything that made that stick worth shooting. You'll screw up the flex, you'll screw up the kickpoint.

I use cut OPS as tapered shafts all the time as regular sticks, they become pretty much the exact same thing as a tapered shaft bought from a store. There is no logic to the idea that a tapered blade will break faster then a standard one. It makes it a tapered shaft, and they make tapered blades to go into tapered shafts.

The only time you should ever use a standard blade is in a shaft made for it. If you flip a top end OPS, your expensive stick gets worse performance then a $20 shaft. Turn it into a tapred stick and you get the performance of a $100 tapered shaft.

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