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03-15-2009, 05:51 PM
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Well, Bauer doens't have much midrange in the supreme line. The one 75 is the lowest level composite skate, and that's a 400 dollar skate. Most of Bauer's midrange stuff is just a nice nylon construction skate, you're in a low end nylon skate. It's still traditional construction. Most of the better skates are composite, that's the big leap in skate quality.

Reebok is all traditional nylon, but the 5k is the beginnings of their good stuff, their big thing is that's the starting level for the pump. $250 ish on hockeymonkey.

Easton you'd want the SE 10. One piece composite boot, but it's glass fiber, so cheaper then the higher end carbon/ telaxium boots. $240 on HM.

However, Hockey Monkey has the Synergy 800, which is the same skate more or less (they renumbered the line), for $119. I fthey have it in your size, worth a look.

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