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03-15-2009, 09:40 PM
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Hey man, Im 17 and just started skating/playing hockey a couple months ago, so I feel like I can relate a lot to your situation. For me I have been following hockey for a long time but have never played any kind of hockey. A couple months ago I decided to try it out and see if I liked it. I bought an old crappy stick glove and helmet combo off craigslist and started going to stick’n’pucks. I would just see if I liked it. The first time I went out It hit me how hard the sport was. But at the same time I realized how much fun it can be.

So I went to s’n’p’s for a while and realized I wanted to commit to it. I found an adults beginner league/clinic in my area and signed up for it. Its an hour and a half a week of drills and scrimmaging. I felt like this helped a lot more than jumping straight int a competitive league. All the while I found that sticknpucks and public skating sessions have been enormously useful.

As for cost, I tried not to but the cheapest possible but to save money I did buy used. All in all without skates all my equipment was around 200-250$. I bought some cheap bauer05 skates and have already decided to upgrade to better skates. They were fine at the beginning but now I feel they’re hindering my development. So if you are really committed I would recommend getting some decent skates.

Ive only been playing maybe 3 or 4 months and by no means am I a skilled player, but Its still a lot of fun. Im at the point now where my hockey skills are being held back my skating, so I am really focusing on that. However, even after such a short amount of time, I think I can go to drop in and not look like a complete fool.

Bottom line is, since your 17 and probably in school, Its gonna be an effort to get out and practice as much as you should. But if you are committed and can sacrifice a couple hours every week, than by all means 17 isnt to late to start playing. I am really happy I decided to take this great sport up.

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