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03-16-2009, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by GuitarAwesome View Post
You assume have a broken stick cut down is the same as a tapered shaft? Are you insane?
Flipping it over is stupid, do not do this unless you are using it for ball hockey or something. However, cutting it ans sticking a blade in, does NOT equal instant awesome stick. If you cut too much off, you lose the kickpoint ALTOGETHER, and the shaft is weighted wrong, and feels like garbage anyways. Just cutting a stick until you can stick a blade in and assuming it's an awesome stick is for idiots.
Well, like he said, he knows from experience that it is a decent way to go about using a broken OPS. And I agree, I've been using a broken OPS as a tapered shaft for a while now, and there's really no reason to not do it.

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