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03-16-2009, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by GuitarAwesome View Post
You assume have a broken stick cut down is the same as a tapered shaft? Are you insane?
Flipping it over is stupid, do not do this unless you are using it for ball hockey or something. However, cutting it ans sticking a blade in, does NOT equal instant awesome stick. If you cut too much off, you lose the kickpoint ALTOGETHER, and the shaft is weighted wrong, and feels like garbage anyways. Just cutting a stick until you can stick a blade in and assuming it's an awesome stick is for idiots.
No, I'm not insane, I've done it. Several times. I have a commercially made tapered shaft to compare it too.

The fact is that a most tapered OPS are bonded- meaning that they're made as a shaft first and a blade is added to them second. those shafts are pretty much the exact same thing (shafts typically lag behind a stick generation).

And the kickpoint is determined by the taper. If you can fit a tapered blade in, there's still a taper left, and thus a kickpoint.

And since most are bonded OPS, the weighting will be pretty much the same as it was before.

Should I also mention that on most OPS the walls of the shaft are thinner up top? That means they'll crack easier. That means less durable.

Of course, the U+ is a mono comp, so you'll screw up the balance and the weight some either way.

But quite frankly sir, you've received the wrong advice. The only reason you flip a stick is because it's just easier to stick a standard blade in the other end. But it does make it worthless as anything but a ball hockey stick. In ice hockey you need your stick to flex correctly.

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