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03-16-2009, 12:42 PM
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Well Soundgarden how would you look "into it" after sitting for 3 weeks?? Goalies need to play on a regular basis in order to look smooth on all saves. Taking practice shots from the Preds in practice for three weeks is one thing then taking shots from Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin, Greene et al is another. How Ellis sits for so long then comes up with big games is a testimont to his character.
Rinne getting a shutout against a deccimated Phoenix team does not determine that he is the best goalie on the team. My grandmother could have had a shutout against Phoenix!!
Ellis didn't become a crappy goalie over the summer. He, like Mason last year had to take the early season losses as the Preds started their usual " we don't have a team identity" crisis which they tend to start each season with. Add a lack of scoring and Rinne playing the easy games, he looked like the savior. Most teams play their "backup" against easier teams in the latter part of the season. Not Nashville's backup..Ellis gets the "we don't have a chance to win games" aka the Detroit/Minnesota back to back games. Ellis gets the Detroit games, his team goes awol for 5 power play goals, he takes the loss and Rinne gets the easier Minnesota game. If you think that Ellis wouldn't have won the games that Rinne won you just don't know the position very well. Poile is calling the shots here. Rinne has been playing the carefully chosen games so that he-Poile can get the fans to take their focus off the fact that he did nothing for the team during the off/season or trade deadline, to assist the team in the scoring department. Rinne winning makes Poile look like he has done something right this season.
I have nothing against Rinne. I just don't see why Poile is in such a rush to sit Ellis who proved himself to be an excellent goalie last year and remember, he was the goalie who helped the team sweep California earlier in the season. Most smart NHL teams like to get their goalie with playoff experience ready to head into playoffs again. As much as Poile and company may have confidence in Rinne, WHY would you have a goalie with a proven track record in the playoffs, sitting for most of the second half of the season?? Rumor is, a few teams were asking to trade for Ellis at the deadline. If Poile is so confident in Rinne then why didn't he let Ellis go for a forward?? On that note....who do you think will be in the net against San Jose who has lost what, 6 or 8 times in their home barn this season?? If they go back to Ellis it makes you wonder why......

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