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03-16-2009, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Lone Rogue View Post
It's a lose lose for Gainey.

If you don't trade Huet, we lose in the second round because Huet wouldn't get the job done either. Now people complain that Gainey lost another UFA for nothing.

If you do trade Huet, which we did, we lose in the second round because we can't score on Martin Biron. So its Gainey's fault for going with Price.
How about we keep Huet and because of his great play we beat Philly 'cause Huet would have gotten the job done? Huet would not have needed to be lights out against Philly.....just do to a fine job. Don't believe that not being able to score on Biron is solely due to our lack of talent or lack of finish. It has to do with the confidence we didn't have anymore at one point since our goalie wasn't able to stop anything.

See clearly, last year was our year. Everything went our way, and we had all the confidence in the world to at least reach the Conference finals. I keep hearing that we have to go all the way this year since it's the freakin Centennial when clearly it was last year that we had to go all the way with the players we had, the seasons that they were having and the confidence we had in each other.....until the last games against Boston and the Philly series.

In the end though, results are the only thing important. Who cares if people say that Gainey was stupid or wasn't stupid for trading Huet. Who cares for any other transactions that is done? But in the end you need to win and in Gainey's case, you need to bring this team to where it's never gone before in 15 years, the 3rd round.

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