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03-16-2009, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
He had trouble with the 1st and 3rd games....but I love how you don't talk about the other games where he had stars in them or maybe even allowing 4 46 shots.

And don't mention that "slumping" when he joined the Caps when Ovechkin and himself are the only guys responsible for one of the greatest comeback to make the playoffs.

I mean almost and you're going to blame him for the goal he gave while being tackle out of his net.....

Even if you want to believe that Huet was bad, Price was awful. And with a better defense like we had in Montreal compared to Washington, Huet would have been OK, at least to give us a better chance to win. In the end, you don't go in the playoffs with 2 still unproven rookies, especially when this year could be THE year....

But Gainey never make mistakes. Every person in here that keeps defending him are not able to name ONE mistake. How's that possible? The guy has really been perfect? Even for the obvious mistakes, people find a way to explain it.
If Huet was that remarkable for them, they would have resigned him instead of going with Theo this year.
They also would have made Huet the clear cut #1 in Chicago, but he wasn't able to clinch his spot. He's still living the 1A 1B goalie situation and Khabi has the better record.

What happened with Price was bad. Would it have been better with Huet there?..maybe, maybe not. There's no way for us to know. One thing for sure though, he didn't perform well vs Carolina 2years ago, and he couldn't keep the fort well enough for the Caps to get by the Flyers. Those are the facts, speculating beyond that is useless.

Bob Gainey made many mistakes, I have no problem admitting this even if I defend him. His biggest mistake was probably the Ribeiro trade. Every GM will make mistakes over 5years, maybe you wanted more out of our team after 5years and I'd agree. But I do not want to go back to the pre-Gainey era either. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with our team and I'm happy he refused to make deadline trades that would have crippled our future.

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