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09-02-2004, 10:48 AM
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My personal feelings:

I'd rank Korpikoski a 7.5B (1st/2nd line winger with a decent chance of reaching the top end, but more likely to fall into 2nd line status)

Jessiman should be an 8C or so. I don't think anyone can argue that his high end potential is a first line player, but again the C reflects the likelihood of that possibility.

I'd give Garth Murray a 6A. He's virtually a lock to be a third liner, a 6.5 would suggest possible second line upside but I think his offense isn't going to develop enough for that.

Graham, Prucha, and Immonen I'd move up slightly by .5 each to 2nd/3rd line potential.

I think it's interesting that Petterstrom was ranked a 6. He's been decent with Skelleftea judging by stats and I think it was reported that he showed well at a prospects camp in Calgary a while back. I'm not arguing with the ranking, but I'd be interested in an explanation if possible.

I'd lower Tyutin to an 8. I interpret 8.5 as suggesting he'll be a number one defenseman, and as much as that would be a great thing for the Rangers, I feel he's a more likely better than average number two.

I'd also switch the rankings of Baranka and Taylor. Lundqvist I'd leave at a 7.

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