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Originally Posted by Rangers Forever View Post
Hey guys, how you doing.

I'm a 17 year old high schooler in North New Jersey. I have loved hockey all my life. Unfortunately, when I was the age where you'd start playing hockey in leagues, there were no local ice rinks. So instead, I took up roller hockey. The leagues ran from about age 8 until 20. I set records for the local team for goals scored in a year, after starting out a d-man, so I wasn't just some scrub, given, I'm not Alex Ovechkin either. As ridiculous as this will sound, I quit playing at age 14, because the coach wasn't playing me more than 5 minutes a game, because his son, who was also on the team, hated me for dating his ex-girlfriend. Because we all know how serious 14 year old relationships can get. So anyway, now, basically, I'm hurting. I feel like I need to play hockey again. I can't believe I've made it this long without.

I recently made friends with a few kids who play for a travel team at a new local indoor ice rink, and hearing them discuss their team made me want to play again. Obviously, I cannot play for some super travel team. I asked if there was any place they knew of where I can play. They said that this rink hosts leagues for all ages and skill levels, and they knew a kid, who I used to play roller hockey with, who played in one of those leagues. I immediately got so excited.

Then it hit me. I have never ice skated before.

I REALLY want to play ice hockey. It is a given already that I will be playing hockey this year. But should I just go back to roller hockey? Even that will be a haul for me after 3 years off. If I put in some hard work this Spring, Summer, and Fall, is it even plausible I can be ready to play ice hockey in the winter?

Also, I have no equipment left from roller hockey, except a brand new girdle which I don't even know if they use in ice hockey. I don't plan on buying cheap crap, but definitely not top of the line stuff either. How much can I expect to spend, about?

Any other advice? Any comments?

Thanks a lot everyone, I really appreciate it. Thanks for reading. Have a good one.
There are a few places you can join up to play if you're looking for ice hockey:

Ice House - Hackensack
Ice Vault - Wayne
Floyd Hall Arena - Montclair/Little Falls
MacKay - Englewood
Sport-O-Rama - Monsey (NY)

You can join an adult/mens house league. They are mostly organized. Good competition most of them.

If you are looking for adult roller hockey, i can't help you, i play ice, i don't know much about the roller hockey genre. But i do know there are a bunch of places around Northern Jersey that have leagues. I have heard people mention them around the arena. At my next practice i'll ask a few of the guys and see if they know any roller leagues in North Jersey.

By the way, the Blackhawks just drafted Akim Aliu in June, he didn't start skating and playing hockey until he was 15. So, it is NEVER too late to do ANYTHING.

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