Thread: Proposal: Wade Redden to Edmonton
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03-16-2009, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
no they didn't. notice where Avery is now, they gave him a chance to come back to the NHL.
Like they had a choice. Please.

As long as a player has some type of value to a team, there will be a market for him. Sending Redden to Hartford will give him a chance that some team out there might bite for his services.

Redden @ half-price might be reasonable enough for a desperate team... Hopefully..

Originally Posted by -31- View Post
burying Avery in the minors (which again, they clearly did not do) wouldn't be seen in the same light as doing the same to Redden. players wouldn't be scared of it, because few of them act like Avery.
A player doesn't get buried in the minors if there's interest in that player. If nobody takes Redden @50% salary, how the hell is that burying somebody in the minors? Nobody wants him. . .

The Rangers wouldn't be ending his career by sending him to Hartford.

Redden's play+contract, or value, is ending his own career. He's burying himself, and if a potential free-agent is stupid enough to base his signing decision on this one situation, then I'd pass on the buffoon. Blessing in disguise, the way I see it.

Originally Posted by -31- View Post
I think that they understand it is a business, and they will make the business decision to sign with a team that won't bury them in the minors.
Same crap has been said about trading free-agents after they've recently been signed. Yet numerous high-profile players didn't avoid signing long-term deals here in NYC shortly after what happened with 2 free-agents named Cullen and Ward, who didn't last more than a season after they signed with us as UFA's.

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