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09-03-2004, 02:21 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
They DID come up with one. The players offered to roll back salaries to what they were a decade ago and to install a luxury tax system that would model the NBA's or MLB's. Bettman summarily rejected the proposal. In another thread I posted about this. Bettman feels that a luxury tax system is not going to give him a proper control over players salaries. He is not offering a choice. He is only stating what is acceptable to him. And to him, a luxury tax system IS NOT acceptable. He ONLY wants a hard salary cap.
While he is on this kick, there will be no negotiation. Bettman has taken any and all wiggle room out. He has taken out the negotiation process. There is no negotiating with him. It's either a $31m hard cap or no hockey.
Yeah i do remember that offer but it was rejected you would think they would have a second offer by now. i suppose you are right about bettman not having any wiggle room but there is always that false hope that the players will come up with something the owners can accept. it seems that the players are already wondering about a salary cap (see roenicks comments) i just want hockey this season i could care less who wins this pissing match. in the end the only people that suffer besides the team employees and arena staff are the fans.

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