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03-17-2009, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Sanderson View Post
I didn't say anything like that, at all.

I said that it doesn't make sense to throw all the youth, players and picks it would take to get Pittsburgh to give up Malkin, because the team wouldn't be anywhere near a contender, and without any assets to become one.

When Crosby and Ovechkin came into the league, they were instant stars, yet their teams failed, finishing 14th and 15th in the Eastern Conference. That's the situation the Islanders would be in. They would have one big star and not much behind him. Plus, they wouldn't have the youth those two teams already had on the roster, because all of that went to Pittsburgh in the trade.

There are teams which contend or are about to contend, and there are those which are far away from contending. The latter ones aren't in a position to trade for superstars. It wouldn't improve them, because one star alone doesn't get you anywhere. Well, maybe if he's Hasek in his prime, but even in that case your team is still a surprise team and not seen as a contender.

Comrie and Guerin were free agents, and they were needed to lead the team, especially the younger players. They weren't supposed to get the Islanders into the playoffs and have absolutely nothing to do with acquiring Malkin, so I have no idea why you bring them up.
You said the cost would be too much in acquiring malkin if your refering to the trade proposal which this thread is about then tell me what part of this trade is costly to the islander the two undrafted prospect one of which would be a blue chip prospect whos ceiling might be malkin and a late first rounder with mark streit.

Do you think thats giving up too much for malkin?

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