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03-17-2009, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadienErrant View Post
The guy did regress. He was almost a fixture for the Russian National Team before he signed that 2 year contract . He seems that he was really pissed off at his Russian agent who have hidden him the fact that the Habs wanted to put him under contract too.

Is it the reason that he has played so bad ? His value certainly went down.l

Does he have off-ice problems ?

The Habs will have to be careful before signing him.
He is the prospect that I've seen the most this year, at least 10+ times, and I was underwhelmed every single time. Now, what remains to be seen is that was it because he actually did regress, was it because he was told to play a certain style or was it because he actually never felt comfortable and always wanted to come over instead. I guess we'll see soon what was the problem.

But just hockeywise, this year, I actually thought he was pretty bad, no offensive hockey sense anymore, clearly nothing like he showed during his junior years. The only good moments I found was that when he was playing on the PK. But then back to the 5 on 5 game he totally dissapeared, was just doing his little thing, even stopped being as physical as he once was, and was not taking charge of anything. Still a good skater, he's definately the prospect that dissapointed me the most.

We never know though. He could still surprise us. But people who put him already in next year's lineup has surely not seen him this year at all....Funny part is that we were wondering if he would come over, if we would be able to make him leave, now from that article it seems that his Russian team will send him to us on the first flight...

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