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03-17-2009, 12:57 PM
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Did anyone see the thing about Hamels in the news on CBS this morning? They caught up to him on the street to ask him how he was feeling and he didnt really want to say, just smiled and said good or something and wouldnt really stop to talk. They followed him until he got into his car and drove away and after they were like I guess he gave his MVP Camaro to his wife(which I heard he did) because they showed him get into his Silver MINIVAN and drive away. Cole Hamels...25 year old professional baseball player, Worth 20+ millions dollars, Ace of the World Series Champs, World Series MVP, Driver of a freakin Minivan???

USA Today
He and his wife, Hamels says, are the only people in their West Chester neighborhood without kids. He says they're also the only ones that drive a minivan, providing room for Heidi's start-up T-shirt business.

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