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Originally Posted by gorman03 View Post
Also I would consider game knowledge one of, if not the most essential skills necessary to become a successful coach.
Oh I agree, It's hard to help a player, if you don't at least know the basics. But, one of the other thing I was talking about on a different forum was also the ability to have players that are coachable.

You can have a good or great coach on the bench with all of this knowledge, but you have to have players sometime take it on faith that the coach, that is steering the boat actually knows the game.

Lets look at Phoenix. Here you have one, if not the greatest hockey player ever to play the game and the team doesn't make it to the playoffs year after year.
As an outside observer looking in, I see great talent, but they don't seem to have that magic spark.

You know, you have probably seen Peewee teams that have better tape to tape passing and moving the puck around within the attacking zone, then Phoenix. A lot of of people out there might say...will what do you expect, hockey in the desert!

Yeah, but most of the players are from Canada if not all. Does the heat make them forget how to play as a team? Or can it be that the coach doesn't communicate to the players how he wants to see the game played, or is it that the players are not coachable?

Yes it's a little off topic, but I wanted to get your opinion on this as well.

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