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09-02-2004, 05:58 PM
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i wouldnt say that much the kid has been very mature for his age, and it is known a talented kid like him with great potential isnt just going to have his carreer shut down over an injury. i think he will get back and prove he is and still will be what nyr hoped for, the talent that he has cant be lost just over one year, thats impossible.
The issue isnt about his career, the issue is about getting his career on track within six months. He cannot be sent down after next season {waiver rules}.

and why not spend a year or 2 in hrtfd, yes i understand that weekes and dunham are on there way out after this year, but who is to say that one of them might get another one year deal depending on there play, to give blackie another year, if these guys are high on blackburn they will give a year or two, to keep him in the ahl to be ready, so they can have him 10-15 years down the road,which will pay off. and nyr does have some backup options myers, labrabera and valiquette who can back up next year so i dont think giving blackburn, 6 months or else is fair the kid ahd an unfortunate injury is recovering well and should and will get a chance to still prove he is what he was when drafted.
But that's exactly what I am saying, they don't have that kind of timetable. He comes back in December which means he is gonna need at least a month to get into the swing of things. He cannot be sent down after next season without clearing waivers and he simply won't clear them.

That's what everyone is forgetting, he HAS to make next year's team or else he's likely a goner. But can we realistically expect a kid who still needs to develop and who will have missed nearly a year and a half of time to be ready that soon? Probably not, even with his high talent level. Missing a year of development time at his age hurts a lot, regardless of the talent level. It's especially true for goalies. It's not like he can be thrown out on the third line and brought along slowly. You either play goalies or you don't.

the one thing i agree with is nyr can be hiding something which is most likely true,
[QUOTE=Edge]"And i dont doubt for one minute that the Rangers know more than they are letting on about this and that is one reason they took Montoya"

i absolutley agree in a sense, but only a little, i think NYR thinks montoya got what it takes to be a #1 and a top 7 or 8 nhl goalie at that, which is why they took him , like i said b4 incase of that injury to blacks shoulder is a constant thing, then he will be moved for what ever is available, but if D.B does turn out healthy i think it is good bye to montoya and hello to a tandem of D.B <~~ starter and H.L <~~ as backup
But again they have 6 months to turn Blackburn into that player and I just don't know if I see it happening. History usually dictates that it's DB who will bye bye and Lunqvist and Montoya who will be given the chance.

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