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03-17-2009, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by MTL-rules View Post
Why aren't you using the same comments to criticize Price as you would Halak?

Tonight, Price was having a really hard time with his rebound control, was really deep in his net and made every save look difficult... how does that put confidence in the guys in front of you?

Yes, the habs sucks in their zone, it's obvious, but the RAgs don't get their noses dirty, all the shots were from the peripheric, they were hardly good ones and still Price had trouble with them.

But still, I repeat my question, why is it so difficult for you to let Halak be the no1 and Price refine his game slowly? Espacially now that Halak is a lot more confident and better technically...
Ummm - Did I even mention Halak? Unlike too many on this board, I do not feel you have to hate one or the other.

I was commenting on tonight's game. Price did fine.

Halak had a good run a few weeks ago, then got nailed with the flu. Tough break, but it happens.

If you want to know, yes, he won us a few games we had no business winning. Frankly, this team has not had business winning games in a month and a half. They've been horrific (the skaters) and that combined with a Price slump threw some of you off the deep end.

Now Price and Halak are both playing well and suddenly we all have to pick sides.

Halak had a good streak, but I don't believe you jettison your deserved (if you think Halak has done more before this last 1.5 months to be the starting goalie in Montreal, you're deluded) starting goalie based on a slump and a hot streak.

My point is that the skaters need to get their act together and fast or it won't matter who is in net.

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